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Originally posted by Flyboy_451:


If you go back and reread my post, I said exactly why I chose a 250 grain bullet for the 460.
My issue is not with the use of a 250 gr bullet, my issue is with the use of a thin jacketed bullet intended for .45 Colt pressures and velocities being used in a .460. Since the introduction of both the .454 and the .460, bullet manufacturers have been continuously warning handloaders about the use of light jacketed .45 caliber bullets and the damage they can do to forcing cones when run @ .454 and .460 pressures and velocities. Since you claim to handload for your .454, it just surprised me that you used just such a bullet for your example. I could give two hoots about charts and pictures with circles and arrows, with a explanation written on the back of each one. My concern is that someone will read Flyboy is using a .452'' 250 gr XTP pushed to 2000 fps....must be okay. That's all.

Originally posted by Flyboy_451:

High initial velocity does not necessarily equate to flat shooting at long range, as demonstrated with the charts I posted.
I dunno......In the one and only chart you posted showing trajectory, it did indeed show us that the gun with the higher initial velocity shot flatter. 12 to 18 inches flatter @ 200 yards. Did I miss a chart somewhere?

I ain't tryin' to be argumentative...just havin' fun with this one.

Over the years since I received my P.C. X-Frame as a gift from my oldest son, folks on these internet forums have come up with all kinds of reasons of why I use it for deer hunting, From attempting to compensate for a inadequate sex organ to tryin' to make up for being a pitifully poor shot. Truth is, it's a fun gun to shoot and accurate as all get out. I enjoy using it at the range and in the field. Because of the thought that came with it, it will always have a special place in my safe. Regardless of how many folks scream "nobody needs a .460 to kill deer!" till they're red in the face....I'm still gonna use it.
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