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I just attended my first Appleseed last weekend. I only had time to attend the first day. That's okay, they cover most (maybe all) of the instruction the first day anyway. I believe the second day is mostly for practice and AQTs (and more history). I did not score "rifleman" in my one attempt. Maybe I could have if I'd gone back the second day. Either way, some good things came from the experience. That brings me to the point that people may attend for various reasons, including...

1. learning some history
2. improving shooting
3. just having a fun outing at the range with like-minded people.
4. earning a "rifleman" score

...or any combination of the above.

If #4 is important to you, then the equipment you choose will be a serious consideration. If #4 isn't that important, you can still do #1-3 with just about any rifle--rimfire or centerfire, semi-auto or bolt, tube or detachable magazine, scoped or iron sights. You may not score well on the time tests, but depending on your purpose for being there, you may not care.

When I went, a couple people were shooting centerfire rifles. One was a .223 and the other one sounded bigger (whatever it was). Most others had 10/22 decked out various ways. One of the better shooters was using a tricked out Remington 597, I believe.

I think the 795 would be fine. You don't have to change magazines all that often or all that fast. Anything with a detachable 10-round magazine should keep you eligible for a rifleman score.

I know the website recommends Tech-Sights (which is what I used) but 90% of the people had scopes. I think learning with open sights is probably a good idea, but I've gone out shooting since and definitely do better with a scope, so, again, if #4 is important to you, you may very well have a better chance with a scope.

As for the web slings, those are an integral part of the instruction. I think the Tech-Sights website also sells them. I got a nylon one and a cloth one, and I like the cloth one better. Also, 1-1/4" width seems to work better than 1".

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