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It's 110% better then anything Tapco craps out (except for their triggers; that's good).
Yeh...I currently have the SAW style pistol grip, side folding stock, quad rail forend, short vertical grip, and G2 trigger. If I could start over again with my AK build I would not get anything Tapco except their G2 trigger, and maybe some of their magazines. Other than those two things I'd get rid of everything else. Sure their stuff works but its just things like the mechanism on the folding stock is terrible and has to be pushed down to both open and close it or else it will break, which is a PITA, the forend took hours of grinding away and fitting to make it work and basically has no vents anymore because I had to file away so much plastic, and i've lost two stoppers (along with two packs of spare scope batteries) that go in the bottom of the vertical grip just from firing a few mags at the range. I will say Tapco does have great customer service and will send you replacements if you say the word, but thats probably because their products cost them next to nothing to manufacture. Oh well, already threw too much money into it.
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