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Originally Posted by Boomer58cal
You can still have a box mag as long as a "tool" is needed to remove it. We just replace the bullet button with a button that takes a "tool" to engage. The law say nothing about what type of tool you must use. I'm sure we can come up with a "tool" that will remove the mag pretty quick. I'm thinking some type of rotating switch that takes a strait slot screw driver. You just give it a half turn and the mag falls out.
Such a rotating switch already exists, and it typically only takes a quarter-turn to operate; it's called a Dzus (pronounced like "Zeus") fastener. They're commonly used to attach body panels to aircraft and race cars. They're designed to be inherently and positively self-tightening, so a Dzus-type fastener on a magazine wouldn't necessarily loosen under recoil.

FWIW the takedown stock screw on my Winchester Model 69 has a rounded slot that accommodates a penny.
Originally Posted by Patriot86
Don't know what California would call it, I wouldn't call it a thumbhole stock though.
That's pretty nifty! Who makes that?
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