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Originally Posted by Magnum Wheel Man
my "working" guns are of lower pressure / blast / noise level, as they'll most likely need to be used without hearing protection... for fun, & if I can muff up, I'll play with that Casull all day...

so... your guys thoughts or observations ???
The difference in the sound pressure between handgun rounds is like asking if you would rather be deaf as a stone or deaf as a rock.

Yes, there are measurable and theoretically large decibel differences between them. However, the "quietest" is loud enough to permanently damage your hearing with a single shot while the loudest is loud enough.... to permanently damage your hearing with a single shot.

I imagine a forum for squirrels and they're chatting about if it's better to be hit by a Cadillac Escalade or an 18 Wheeler.

In a hunting scenario, never, ever fire a gun louder than a 22 rifle without wearing ear protection. No animal is worth tinnitus. There's really no excuse anymore. Modern, electronic options actually HELP you hear animals AND protect your ears. No excuses.

In a defense scenario, choose the gun that you're convinced is more effective. That argument has been (and is being) had a million times over. We each make our own decisions. The best suggestion there can be is to have an electronic hearing protection option available for home defense. It may not be useful in this or that scenario but it MIGHT be useful in many others, so there's no reason not to have it. Alive and deaf is better than dead but alive and not deaf is better yet. I've shot (or been near) and unfortunate number of handgun discharges when I wasn't wearing protection. A 22 handgun is ungodly loud and it's darn near the bottom of the heap. As I said, squirrels and 18 wheelers.
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