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Originally Posted by Skarekrow88

Nice, my Saiga SGL-20 is all Tapco'd out and its served me quite well. How do you like the Hogue forend?
It's 110% better then anything Tapco craps out (except for their triggers; that's good). The handguards are standard AK profile and the kit comes with two top pieces. Railed or non-railed. The accessories rails are easy to put on and off and it's light weight. Also the bottom piece is covered in Hogue's overmold rubber.

I like running my AK simple. Optic is co-witnessed with the factory irons, light to ID things in dark areas, simple VFG for additional points of control even though 9 out of 10 time I use it as a hand stop, and lastly the M4 stock simply so I can use it if wearing a thick coat (or armor if Red Dawn ever happens).
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