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Another positive,it has a 4 groove bbl.Very nice 03A3.You have done very well.
I suggest you look to see if the pull through/oiler/combination tool are in the butt trap.A "nice to have",though I would not rely on the pull through.Rather a problem if the string breaks.I suggest a one piece 30 cal cleaning rod,steel.Clean from the breech.

Either a 1907 leather sling or a web sling will be a very good idea.They are part of learning to shoot it.

While not essential,and not cheap,a bayonet might be on the list if you are so inclined.

Another accessory you might find scrounging around is stripper clips.I have heard the ones for Swedish mausers work well in a Springfield.Original Springfield ones are available,but the little folding tabs break off.

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