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Now the only question is whether regular motor oil -- or high zinc racing oil for classic British engines -- is the best bandaid.
If all one can do, or is willing to do, is apply a bandaid then that might be a reasonable question.

A much better question would be to ask what is wrong with the gun or the ammo and then remedy that problem rather than merely applying bandaids and leaving the underlying problem unresolved.

The common theme throughout Slamfire's last post was that lubricating the chamber was done to compensate for problems with manufacturing tolerances or other issues that couldn't be readily solved with the technology of the time. It's clear that even then, they were aware that lubricating the cases was not an ideal solution, it was just the best they could do with a bad situation and the limited technology of the time.

Fortunately that was more than half a century ago and modern technology can address those issues without having to resort to what one of Slamfire's sources calls "inexcusable methods of correction".
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