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Extractor Spring Pin Question

My question is for those who own a PX4 Storm Compact.
I own one in 9mm, that has maybe 800 rounds or so being shot.
Today at the range, after the slide locking back when empty, after inserting
a full mag the slide didn't want to return after dropping the slide release.
I didn't give it much thought, as after fiddling with both sides release, or inserting an empty mag it would then slide back.
When I cleaned the gun, I noticed something that maybe you could check on yours for me.
The "Extractor Spring Pin" (hole in top of slide) seems to be protruding into
the underside of my slide, and has been causing wear on the polymer frame below. I don't recall it protruding before, and I suspect this may be my problem. My pic attached is very blurred (sorry), but you can still see the protruding pin.
Maybe you would be kind enough to see if yours is "flush" on the underside of the slide.
Thanks so much!
Note: sorry, lost my attachment from my post on the Semi Auto Forum

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