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Just as I stated in my previous post, I do knot own a 460, so can only rely on secondhand information.

But you do claim to own and reload for a .454. I'm curious why then you chose to use the 250 gr XTP as a example since it is not only inappropriate for use in the .460 at the velocity stated, but also in the .454. I only mention this as some folks may read this thread and try to load a 250 gr XTP @ 2000 fps for their X-Frame. I tend to stick with 300 gr jacketed in my .460 for deer. I am not a fan of the 200 grainers for anything other than paper and yotes. The 240s I use for range and varmints. Since I still use irons, I tend not to shoot much past 150 yards. My gun is sighted dead on @ 75 yards. While I aim high @ 150, my sights are still on the deer.
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