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If I had it to do all over again I'd probably go with SS pins and wet tumbling, but I would worry about the abrasive nature of the pins over repeated treatments to the same brass. I shoot mostly pistol so the brass gets re-used more than is typical for rifle brass.

Since I already have a vibe tumbler and an ultrasonic cleaner, I clean with ultrasonic and polish with the vibe.

The sonic cleaning gets most primer pockets mostly clean. If you're really picky you'll have to hit some pockets with a Q-tip while wet to finish the job.

I've used the Hornady solution and experimented with a bunch of other stuff. CLR (Silver bottle) 1:50 with hot water and a drop or three of liquid laundry detergent works as well as the Hornady stuff at a lower cost. Some folks use vinegar and others use citric acid. You don't want to overdo the acid concentration or time or you could leach some zinc out of the brass and turn it pink.

I don't use distilled water but my local tap water is not particularly hard. I rinse with tap water, drain and then wrap an old towel around the brass to get most of the water off, then dump it in a disposable aluminum roasting pan (that gets used over and over) and stick that in a 200 degree oven for 30 minutes. Never had any water spots.
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