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I'm not saying they don't work anymore but bullets have come along way's since cast bullet hey day.
Sorry sir but THIS is the hey day of the cast bullet. The cast bullets of today are VASTLY improved over those of 100yrs ago. Not only are we more educated on how they work but the designs have improved to the point that we don't need jacketed bullets in handguns. Yes, jacketed bullets often make bigger holes but they only do so with high velocity. Velocity is the fastest diminishing factor. A good cast bullet works and works more consistently than jacketed bullets and it doesn't need high velocity to do so. They create large wound channels and if of proper weight, almost always exit creating two holes to bleed instead of one.

Your comments about velocity are interesting because higher velocities often do NOT improve penetration but hinder it. It is well proven that exceeding 1200-1300fps in handguns does not improve penetration or lethality. Pushing ANY jacketed bullet faster will only cause it to expand faster and NOT penetrate deeper.

Cast big advantage today is the ability to cast effective bullets in your back yard. It's not performance advantages in the field.
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Pure nonsense.
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