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Originally Posted by JD0x0 View Post
I really like the Saiga 12.

Tactical enough, with it's quick changing 6-12 round box mag, or 20+ round drum. Semi auto (or full auto if you can legally obtain one) and chrome lined barrel for less frequent, and easier cleaning. Reasonably priced, for what you get. And legendary AK reliability.
Except they don't have the legendary AK reliability. While the AK is reliable, trying to transition that platform over to a shotgun round is not cut and dry. They are not nearly as reliable as an AK. Add to that the fact that you have a huge magazine to get caught up on things, and if you have a malfunction you better somehow be carrying another large mag which is hard to do in an HD scenario. If you go through the shortcomings of the platform then you quickly realize how unsuited for defense these guns are...
Very yes. I think a Saiga 12 would be fun for playing around at the range, but I'll take a stock 590A1 over a Saiga 12 any day.
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