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Hydro-static shock with handguns can not be discounted. It is a very big reason why a faster cartridge of a certain caliber kills better than a slower cartridge of that caliber. Penetration being the other reason. Those are why the .32H&R is a better pure killer than the .32S&W Long, why the .357m is better than a .38sp, why a .44m is better than a .44sp and so on and so on. Tossing it out would mean that as long as you got the penetration needed for a job the extra velocity would mean nothing. Example: both the .32SWL and the .32HR will go right thru a coon, badger, coyote etc. DRT kills with the H&R is way above that of it's little brother. Same hole, same bullet, the H&R kills better because of shock.

Personally I'm not a fan of big, flat faced cast bullets as being the end all for big game in today's world. I'm not saying they don't work anymore but bullets have come along way's since cast bullet hey day. Back when Keith and all them were playing hard cast ruled because there were no other good alternatives. HP's were explosive, controlled expansion wasn't heard of. Other alternatives of the time included FMJ's which are about worthless in the field. While still applicable in some instances, better killin can be achieved via a quality HP in most cases today. And a lot of that is due to shock.

Cast big advantage today is the ability to cast effective bullets in your back yard. It's not performance advantages in the field.

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