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They used 44-40 on deer all the time 100 years ago.
44-40 nearly wiped out game animals during the last part of the 19th Century, even though muzzle energy numbers say it couldn't have. The 45 Colt was pretty much just a handgun cartridge until relatively recently, but it performs about as well as the 44-40 does on game animals.
-light bullets NOT for deer, no penetration light wounding unless short range out of a rifle
357 is a hard hitting number on animals up to moose size. I still snicker when someone tells me a 357 won't kill a deer because it only develops 500 fpe. 120 years ago, a 32-20 was considered a good deer cartridge. Peoiple killed deer with 300 fpe all the time. Now how did they do that?
if you focus on energy, standard 45 colt loads equal the 44 special, and that still equals what the 45 acp can do
Problem with energy charts is that they don't kill animals. If you actually get out and shoot, you will find that many animals die with a lot less than the 1000 fpe gun rag writers say you need. 45 ACP will kill deer dead, trust me. Also pigs. Can't speak for elk or moose, I never tried it.
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