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E. Keith pretty much brought the .44sp vs. .45c vs .357m comparison to a head half a century ago. I have no doubt the the .45c is better than a .357m, especially in some of today's guns but there are some dang lame myths concerning the .357m that keep cropping up.

- The .357m, with about any load, does not have butt kickin recoil. My fairly new to shooting SIL has no issues shooting my heavy 180gr handloads from her SP101. Personally I put hunting .357m loads on similar footing felt recoil-wise with the .45acp in poly guns. Different but equal.

- There are plenty of bullets available for hunting. As a matter of fact the heavies can sometime be easier to come buy in times of shortage. My favorite for deer is the 180gr XTP HP's but many prefer cast. The HP completely negates the meplat argument.

- With a good load a .357m will have no issues going thru just about any deer in NA. With-in common sense ranges of coarse.

But the .357 has one major disadvantage........ It's louder than loud. I used mine for deer hunting one year without e-muffs, never again. On the flip side just about any handgun rings the crap outta my ears so I now where e-muffs when ever I venture into the field with a short gun.

If I was buying a dedicated deer handgun I would no doubt pick a .44s or .45c. But since I already have a good .357m there is little reason to move up.
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