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Handguns only... fast & loud, vrs big & heavy... your thoughts ???

so 1st off, I get the hydrostatic shock thing... ( when I 1st started dating my now wife, my FIL "allowed me" to do all the field dressing of his deer party, the 1st couple years, so I've seen the differences in animals shot with belted magnums, 30-06's, 243's, & 45-70's )

but I've yet to see the kind of hydrostatic shock wounds witnessed with a high power rifle, with a handgun... ( admittedly, I've not had the chance to look over the actual wound channel of one of the X Frame type cartridges ) but I do own a 357 Maximum, & a 454 Casull...

so, over the years I've had a tendency to move towards heavy for caliber bullets, at lower "pressures" & rely on bullet momentum to get the penetration... for example, I've switched from 357 magnum to 44 Special or 45 Colt as a main carry option... lighting off a case in a car, or room in the house can be deafening with a 44 Special or even a cowboy load of 45 Colt... a 357 magnum is brutal... I also find a warm 45 Colt load with a heavy cast bullet, to be as "effective" as the 454 Casull with a normal bullet, without the abusive muzzle blast & concussion...

... so don't get me wrong, I still have a 500 S&W on my "to buy list", but for me, only as a fun gun... my "working" guns are of lower pressure / blast / noise level, as they'll most likely need to be used without hearing protection... for fun, & if I can muff up, I'll play with that Casull all day...

so... your guys thoughts or observations ???
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