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Ruger amrerican and mosin 9130

we did some quick shooting, my buddy sighted in his rifle's scope(bushnell dusk dawn 3-9), while he did this i messed around with my muzzle break and shot at 300 irons, i hit way left on the target but that's not what we were there for. we set up some jugs and he blew apart a few water jugs, he shot way low, i believe this was him not the rifle as i hit dead center.

Anyway he let me shoot the ruger to demo the grouping and i have to say i was impressed by the rifles design, I prefer the mosins bolt, it shot a nice group, i did 6 rounds(5 in mag, 1 in chamber), i then did five from the mosin to show the grouping, this was set at the ranch's typical 70 yard point,

actually i need to point this out, while i was picking up brass, a broken metal frame went flying after a huge gust of wind and it landed onto the mosin, its fine, just a few scratches on the barrel. i got home and touched up and was fixed in seconds, btw the paint used is rustoleum matt black spray can, it was close to the mosins original color and prevents anymore rust damage, quick applying and fills in scratches easily. just pointing this out to those if you need touch up paint.

Side note: the 300 yrd is the farthest and i just set it up using a range finder, drilled some X's on the m1A on sunday, using the Leopold scope, yes i have one, and i can say its a good investment on the m1a, not putting one on the mosin sorry

(mosin and ruger 30 06)

Ruger shots

Mosins Shots

the rifle cases(ruger 46" and bulldog 53")

Bullets used

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