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most people tell me just to get a 44-40, better then a 44 special. speed isking apparently. yet the best factory hunting load i can find is listed at a measely 660 foot pounds in a 20 inch rifle, falls a bitshort of that 357 load from buffalo bore
I have owned several 44-40 rifles and I still own three. I have taken deer out to 150 +/- yards with no problem at all. Have never had one run more than a few yards before dropping. Good round. Maybe not as good as some, but still very lethal. Killed three deer with "cowboy" loads (average 750 fps) about fifteen years ago before I knew better. Now I use a full case of BP behind a 200gr lead bullet for a little more punch. Factory winchester and remington jacketed soft point ammo average 1180 fps, my BP loads average around 1300 fps.
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