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Amercian citizen (Bersa .380, DP-51, CCWP) living in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central Amercia:

All of my hand guns!

Since I am currently living in a Central American third world country and this country does not produce a gun of their own, I pay double the price for any handgun I purchase plus all the fees associated with the purchase and carry permit.

On July 2nd of this year I will be starting the process of buying a Bul M-5 Commander .45. The total cost, when it is all said and done, will be Q12000. with equals to $1583. Sucks, huh. However, guns are a must-have here. I've repelled roadragers, robbers, carjackers, and assassins all blocks from where I live.

Third world... all things considered... I'd rather be in Jersey.
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