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That's ok, I know I'm just a wimp ....but I'm not walking downhill ....or on the level for that matter after any Chukar.....( I'm a gentleman of leisure these days....)....

and bad knees, etc...../ BPS still works for me in the field if I don't want to carry an O/U.../ a nice leisurely quail hunt more my speed ( and I sure don't need 3 1/2" chambers on a BPS or anything else ).

But you're right ....a heavy gun, chasing Chukar is a bad idea...

But 90% of the time, or more, I'm just a clay target guy ....skeet, sporting clays...( and I don't have to clean them when I get home ). I can take the adult kids ...and some of the grandkids out on the sporting clays course and have a pretty nice day for a couple hundred bucks....( way cheaper and less strain than chasing Chukars around).../ that's right up there with wading rivers in the wintertime up to my "hoo ha's", in sleet and wind...and chasing steelhead.../ when Whole Foods ...has them !!
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