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Makes sense...../ I reload 12ga, 20ga, 28ga and .410...( so its easy for me to make up whatever load I want).

The only 16ga I have an old Bolt Action / Westernfield that I've had since I was just a pup.../ holds 3 shells ( 2 in the spring fed magazine ...under the bolt & 1 in chamber..../ full choke...30" barrel ??....and it weights about 4 lbs...)...its a cheap gun, sold by Montgomery Wards or Gambels I think ...grandpa gave it to me as a present when I was 9 or 10.../ I still shoot skeet with it once in a while for giggles....but I'm a little slow with that bolt action ...and the last time I bought shells for it they were about $ 18 a box....

I killed a lot of Rough Grouse with that puppy in the 50's and 60's ....
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