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Every report I have read about steel pin tumbling has been glowing. Someone even posted pictures which indeed seemed to prove the point. (pun intended)

The question I have is the economics of the steel pin process. What is the cost involved and where is the approximate break even point as far as quanity of brass vs. cost of the steel pin method.

There are many of us out here already owning the corn cob/walnut hull tumbler and many of us with ultrasonic cleaners. Some of us even have both. Is it worth going to the state of the art steel pin process?

Then there are those without a process and maybe steel pins is the best initial approach???
In my first year reloading I spent more than $70.00 on ground English walnut and corn cob.
In the last 12 months I've spent $12.00 on corn cob. This is only used for final polishing of completed rounds.

A wet tumbler and pins costs roughly $220.00.
Some people only spend the $40-50 for the pins and build their own tumbler

I like the fact that there is no dust produced while wet tumbling and there isn't a price I can put on that.
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