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sorry to corn fuse anyone... I just posted the pics of my 50 for HORSELESS'S benefit

& yes, I am the OP...

my retired builder buddy was over to do some shooting on Sunday, & we took the time to look at a couple of my guns... even though, he wouldn't want to do the double action work ( futzing with the extractor on a double action... though he has no issues building single action cylinders ) we measured my GP-100 & in his opinion, it would be too small to fit 5 - 45 colt chambers in that size cylinder... we also looked at my ( 396 / 696 ??? sorry, can never remember S&W's model numbers ) anyway, my scandium / titanium 5 shot 44 Special, & those chamber walls are already paper thin, as is the forcing cone, so unless the Mountain Lite 5 shot 44 Mag is built on the N frame, it's unlikely that could be modified from .429 chambers to 45 Colt... which pretty much leaves the 5 shot Taurus Tracker in 45 Colt, which has pretty much been discontinued since they started making the Judges... otherwise I'm back to the bigger cylinder of something like the 625's

any other suggestions ???
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