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What makes a shotgun a tactical shotgun?
Black plastic? Higher than usual capacity that's really not needed? Ways to add, for the most part, pointless acceceries?
Is this for home defense? Or just something to cover in stuff and try to show off?

A functioning gun will work just fine. Doesn't matter as long as it works properly. Single shots are probably something you'd want to avoid for home defense. Double barrels are kinda iffy I'd say. I use one though. I use a Stoeger Condor, a Supreme would be better since they have ejectors instead of extracters. Plan on switching to a Mossberg 500. I put a tac star side saddle on it and it has a factory set of rifle sights. It has wood stock too. Only reason I have it is because of the $125 price and it wasnt even the Walmart version. Just look for a functioning gun that isn't cheaply made. Then practice alot.

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