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I have seen a few solid white squirrels here in the NC mountains over the years, just figured they were an albino or piebald version of the grays. We have the pesky reds here too, they are a little smaller than the grays and they overrun the woods and terrorize the gray squirrels here too. They are referred to as boomers by most people around here, does anyone else know them by that nickname? We also have a few fox squirrels, but I've never shot one because they are pretty scarce. I always figured they would be tasty and they are more substantial, I just don't want to wipe out the few that I do see. We also have small squirrels with patches of skin between their front and back legs that allow them to glide or "fly" from tree to tree. They are known as flying squirrels. I think they are protected though and aren't big enough to mess with anyway as they are pretty much the size equivalent of a ground squirrel. I just shoot the reds as vermin and the grays to eat. It's hard to beat squirrel gravy!
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