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That's a well thought out post.

Your last paragraph worries me a little. We both agree that lubricating the ammunition is a band-aid cure that is employed instead of selecting proper ammunition for the design in question.

However, the statement that " is not a bad practice to lube your steel case ammunition." is too open-ended in my opinion. Based on the modeling simulation in the link mehavey cites, it appears that it could possibly be a very bad practice depending on the lube used--specifically depending on the coefficient of friction provided by that lubricant.

The problem is, I don't have, nor do I know of, an exhaustive source of information on firearm lubricants and their effective coefficients of friction. That means I can't (and I don't know of anyone who can) say which ones are probably safe and which ones might be problematic. That means the only accurate statement I can make (or agree to) under the circumstances is that it might be safe or it might not.
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