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All those everyday garden variety guns you see at your local gun shop will always be available, you can get one any time. And since almost everybody else has one, what's in it for you besides rank conformity? Don't be a firearms sheeple.

Treat yourself. And treat yourself well. Buy a 9mm that is guaranteed to appreciate every year without fail, regardless of economic conditions. In other words, ownership is not just free, but even profitable. Buy yourself a gun that automatically comes with mystique, lore, and real history.

Luger. Whether it's an Imperial model or from the Third Reich, nothing drips with so much class. Some 350 hand-fitting operations done to make each and every one. Unsurpassed craftsmanship. Broomhandle Mauser. The C-96. The original autoloader. Like the one that Churchill carried at Omdurman. Soooo cool. The P38 or its lower-cost and improved cousin, the Walther P1. Shades of the Greatest Generation and the Cold War.

You'll find to your delight and amazement that these firearms are every bit as reliable as anything else out there, that they are far better made, and surprisingly more accurate -often much more - than any polymer gun other than customized competition models. Especially the Lugers.

And you get one more thing no off-the-shelf, massed produced, cookie-cutter commercial cannon can give you - real pride and satisfaction of ownership.
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