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I have told this before here.In AK,a large black bear put his paws on my former spouse through the side of our small backpack tent and took a bite on her butt.She was hurt.

At first,I smacked Mr Bear on the face with my Win 97 riot gun.He backed off for a bit,but he did not leave.He was easing back toward me,staring at me with a blank look.I put my bead on his nose and fired a Foster slug.It took out his lower front teeth and knocked him down.Then he got right back up.I put one in his neck/spine and he went down dead.

The first shot broke up to lead cornflakes and did not penetrate.The second shot stopped at the spine,about 6 in penetration.The spine stopped it.

The soft foster slug may be great on deer,but they do lack penetration.

I would suggest a premium hard alloy slug.I would not choose a foster slug again.

If breaking bone and hitting central nervous system is the goal,a hard cast,heavy big bore handgun load will out penetrate a foster slug.
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