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A couple of weeks ago I was by Bass Pro and picked-up a small container of Hornady "One Shot" concentrate for ultrasonic brass cleaning. You mix a very small amount with distilled water. I first tried it without decapping the brass. It was a pain getting the liquid out of a hundred or so pieces of brass with the old primers in place.

I then tried a load I deprimed prior to cleaning. It worked great and also did a wonderful job of cleaning the primer pocket. The brass looked better than new. The next step after cleaing is to rinse the brass off in the sink and dry it. I find a blow drier is the perfect tool for drying the brass. I leave the brass in the wire basket I use in my ultrasonic for rinsing and drying.

I have now cleaned approximatedly a thousand pieces of brass in .380, 9mm, 45 ACP and .45 Colt. The first batch of cleaning solution is still working great. In my opinion it does a much better job than my tumbler if you want really shiny brass. It also leaves the primer pocket spotless if you deprime first.

Although the "One Shot" recommends only using it with brass, It also worked just fine on several pieces of nickel brass that were in my mix.

The only negative is you do have to deprime first which adds an additional step to my previous process. I can live with it. I used the ultrasonic with heat and without heat and noticed no significant difference. My ultrasonic is a larger high quality L&R brand cleaner.

Make sure you always use a stainless wire basket for cleaning vs. throwing the brass in the bottom of your ultrasonic.
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