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It had shot very well, but I was having consistency issues from the get go. And finally borescoped it and that is what we found. I know 100% sure no cleaning patch was left and no squib load was shot. I know this because the last thing I do is run a patch with oil down the barrel and check it to see if it comes out white, if not I know to repeat cleaning procedure. I also know for sure no squib load was shot because every single shot has been accounted for on paper while shooting. Even when I shot 600 yards for the first time I was dead on the paper. I probably could find on my online photo album every single bullet shot through the barrel. I am OCD and very meticulous with that rifle. I log all my cleaning procedure, how each load shot, the number of shots I fired, etc....

I know some have shot squibs/cleaning patches in their rifles, but it could be possible that something slipped QC. I have had several people send me PM on numerous forums stating they have seen this from a barrel before that was due to imperfections in the barrel material, etc... So I am not the 1 person in the world that this has happened to.

NoSecondBest- that is true but there is a lot more barrel names on the record and win lists than Shilen
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