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I have bought a G19 and am looking to buy another 9mm. I am not a huge gun guy but am buying these to pass down to my sons when they get older for home defense. With everything going on I am not sure they will be able to buy anything when they are adults.

You never tell us the age of your boys or how much they have shot firearms already. If the guns truly are for your boys, outta fear that they may not be able to get what they really want later on in life, wouldn't askin' them what they may like make more sense than askin' strangers on the internet? Guns that I envision are to be passed down to my kids and grandkids are generally quality type firearms that will not go outta style or be unfix-able in 20 years or so. They are firearms that come from major reputable manufacturers and are proven models that are popular enough that there will be parts available for them in the future. If your boys are that young that adult size firearms are not appropriate, I suggest getting them something for now that is so they can have fun and success at the range with you. So many folks, because of the scarcity of available firearms right now are grabbin' anything they can get outta fear there will never be anymore. Be patient, guns are gonna be around for quite a while yet. The frenzy has already started to slow down. Take your time, do your research and make good choices on what suits you and your boys the best.
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