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We looked at houses years ago on Lake Keystone. Never saw anything we really liked. And it is on the wrong side for commuting. The sun is in your eyes going to work in the morning and still in your eyes when you are driving home. I prefer to live on the east side of the place where I work!

South Tulsa is "big house" zone. Huge amount of growth, some really giant houses. It has grown so far south that Tulsa just merges into Bixby. We lived in Bixby 15 years ago and it was actually a decent place.

I would start out looking around Claremore. Far enough away from the city to make me happy. On the east side. And lots and lots of stuff there in town so that special trips to Tulsa are rarely necessary.

Of course I like REALLY being far from town so I live all the way in Vinita. Only way I could afford a house and outbuildings and 90 acres.

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