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Why isn't the Browning BPS more popular??

So after picking up a Browning BPS 16 gauge and taking it out for several range sessions... I'm now asking myself why isn't the Browning BPS more popular in the field and at the range??? They point well, cycle fast and are ambidextrous... They are based on a proven design/patent originating from John Browning and used for many years on the Ithaca Model 37..

I understand that they aren't Mossberg 500 or Remington Express cheap... But they are a better built gun than current production 870 Wingmasters (I've owned three built in the last five years)... The fit and finish is better.. They are also cheaper than a Wingmaster...

The only pumps I have that I hold in higher esteem are my model 12 Winchesters and the 60s vintage Wingmaster I owned... I own 870s and a Mossberg 500..

Other than price being a factor.. I'm scratching my head....
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