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The bill has past both houses and is siting on the governor's desk for him to sign. He can veto or change but they say they have the votes to override his veto or any radical changes he wants to add. The states attorney got him a 30 day extension to study the bill. So now its July 9th when it will be enacted.

The Illinois State Police have 180 days to enact the rules for the 16 hours training and licensing

lets not get all warm and fuzzy just yet..........180 days???? yeah ok and let me know if there are any front row seats left for the buddy holly concert next week.....

the ISP are currently behind 6 to 9 months in processing FOID applications (the law says it must be done in 30 days, but who's counting)

a. an application form needs to be created
b. a firearms course developed
c. instructors and range locations for firearm qualification

when and IF this is accomplished, a lot of us will be DEAD from old age
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