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I'm going to respectfully disagree with the two suggestions about a Beretta 92. That is a really BIG gripped, double stack magazine, long dbl action first trigger movement pistol. I think they're the cadillac of pistols. I wouldn't trade mine for the world. But mine is really too big for even my large adult sized mitts. For a youngster, it just might not be a great fit. I can't reach the magazine ejector button without rotating the gun in my hand, for example. The decocker is not intuitive and reachable like a 1911 safety lever. In other words, for me at least, once it's on target and ready to shoot, it's great. But working all the levers and buttons is not at all convenient.

Again, that's just how I see that pistol 2lb 9oz loaded, 1lb 15 oz unloaded if that helps you or anyone compare.

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