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It seems i lost you on the project ill try to bring you up to speed.
(If any issue with post us due to being on a cell)

The painting was due to a safty issue i found in the begining. My barrel had rust dammage and i treated it which removed most of the paint. So i had to repaint for that issue.

The first project was to create a swappable rifle which i succeeded in doing. By military i meant i could put the original parts back together and shoot it with original parts. And take add-on parts onto a new stock and improve accuracy.

the swappable mosin project concluded when i mounted the scope and muzzle break, the accuracy was assured and this template allows people to pic what parts they want to add to their own mosin

The new project im trying to develop will try to increase the mosins accuracy in distance shooting. By mounting a normal scope( average eye relief) over the receiver, ill then develop the project from there.

The bolt is another one i purchased from rock solid, so no damage to original bolt, i can still swap to the old bolt and use it on the original stock. So i hope that answers you and caught you up to speed, im sorry if my posts confused you

the swap project
-any boyds stock for 9130 , 100$
- blackhawk underail adapter, 25$
-mosin plus (9130) fast lock muzzle break, 45$
-brass stacker mount, 59$
-bipod (harris style, or bipod foregrip), 25$/12$
-ncstar LER scope, 25$
-blackpowder claw sling, 15$
the stock is mainly the way for mounting in the bipod system, so as not needing to alter the original

i have not seen need to inlet the stock to fit my moisn (just drop in), only inlet ive seen would be the bolt modification

these are just parts ive tried and that stood up to time, now i will say the ncstar scope works on low power, higher powers will get blury in the center, but it did take the recoil no issue, i would suggest a red dot scope, if your not planning to go past 100 yards, the leapers gold i started with and zeroed was perfect for this and had no issues with the recoil, and as is a red dot, infinite eye relief. bipods work, i like the grip one as i could hold the rifle better and get a better grip, plus bipod is deployable at any point when needed.

overall i have no complaint with the system as it was just something to see how it worked. and it functioned and was accurate with these add on parts. i personally just dont like the scout style setup as its just unfamiliar to me.
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