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Some of this is kind of like the differences between a buffalo and a cheetah, and then some ask "well, which is best?" while the others state which is best. Well the first question is "what do you wish to do" or "what do you expect or desire" ? Many people may need both, since they serve different purposes and have different strengths, and different weaknesses.

I will admit, I never heard of the TKO until this thread, and the article was interesting.

I am a 460 owner myself, and I must say, I did (and still do) like the platform a lot myself when I bought it, which factored into my decision to buy it. I later would get a Freedom Arms 454 premier, and it was nice too. Since most shots are going to be taken SA with a 460, I suppose getting a SA revolver in these calibers is not a disadvantage. When I bought it, however, I thought the DA trigger, if you ever need it, was good to have. Many people want a big caliber S&W even though there are Ruger, BFR and FA big bore revolvers. I think that in part is why the 460 has a following

As far as the 45 colt in some loads being perfect for deer at a 100 yds, and a 460 power not being needed, I can see that opinion. However, when hunting, a big part of it is killing the animal efficiently and humanely. If the 460 enables that, then is it too much power? On the other hand, if one is taking a shot on a deer with a 460 at say 75 yds, much of its energy would be wasted at that range. However, if you are accurate with it, and you feel confident with it, then its the right gun.

NF45, you mentioned the 475 can get anything on this planet? Is it used in whaling? Can it kill a blue whale? Just curious. Whales are also on this planet, you know
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