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US Shooting Academy is definitely #1 if you live right around the metro. They train LEO's and military personnel there. Very advanced range for a civilian one.

I live way over on the "wrong side" and despite that I sometimes make the long drive to the NW side of town to visit Red Castle. North of Sand Springs on a private ranch. Many of their ranges are the best in the state. I just wish it wasn't nearly two hours from my house!

There is now a decent range in Pryor. For rimfire challenge and handguns mostly. That's straight east of Pryor.

There is one by Broken Arrow that I've never been to. Oil Capital, I think. Something like that!

A lot of Okies are like myself. We live in a rural area and we buy our own land. And then we can shoot whenever we feel like it. Nobody to complain that we are moving side to side while shooting. Or using AP ammo. Or training in the dark at night with a flashlight. Or "firing too fast." Etc, etc. Buy some land and then invite friends over to shoot!

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