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Ask Bell what he used for elephants....the modern loads for the 30-06 are magnums compared to what he ended up favoring.
Again, look at the game laws in those countries. The .375H&H is the LEGAL minimum for dangerous game and heavier is preferred for everything but the cats. The .22Mag is a great deer cartridge for headshots but such comments are completely irrelevant.

I'm using the same formula you are and only stating what the results show.
You're using it in a way that was never intended to make a bogus point. Not unlike complaining that your new Ferrari is a piece of junk because you can't pull a 10,000lb trailer with it. If you would actually READ what I posted, you would see that I DID make the point that it is not applicable to small bores or useful in assessing them. In plain, explicit language. I don't care for the .460, it's your sacred goat and you're creating an argument where none existed because of that fact. Why are you so defensive?

My statement was that the .460 is a very accurate have yet to show any evidence that this is not true.
I never refuted that statement and saleen322's pics are evidence to that fact.

If it shows that the results of John Taylor's "Knock Down Factor" are not always gospel and do not always fit into every hunting scenario...
No one said it was, nor did I ever say it was applicable to small bores. In fact, I said it was NOT applicable to small bores in my very first reference to it but you applied it in the wrong context anyway. To make a bogus point. I predicted that too. Don't put words in my mouth. I believe I said:

"So there is no magical formula that precludes us from using some common sense."

...regardless of the amount of name calling they use.
I would like the guy who has called me a troll numerous times to point out the personal insults I have used. That's your game, not mine.
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