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Originally Posted by Dixie Gunsmithing
It could be something to do with the threads themselves, and no matter what is done, it just wont cure it, but when shooting a couple of rounds, it forces the threads to seat, and the resonance is stopped.
That's something I didn't think of and could very well be what's happening. Thanks for the thought. I have some experimenting to do.

Originally Posted by Dixie Gunsmithing
Things like resonance and barrel whip are funny things to work with, since you can't really see it, and can be a pain to get rid of, if a barrel, or extension of it, has a problem.
This rifle is a perfect example. Shoots POI = POA with the thread protector on, 2-3" high 1' right with the Recoil Eliminate (Tank brake) installed and 7-8" low 1/2" right with the Tactical brake installed. I was expecting the POI to change when installing and removing the brake(s) but the temporary change when removing the brake and reinstalling the thread protector really had me baffled.

Again thanks for the insight.
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