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Inconsistant information

Gentlemen: Happy Fathers Day to all first off and then to my question. I value the input of all on this forum and did my research first before I asked this silly question. I have data concerning Winchester 760 powder but different manuals show different start/max load data. One manual by McPherson shows W760 start load with a 150gr. jacketed bullet as starting at49.0 gr to a max of 51.0 gr. I also have a Lyman manual that shows for W760 a start load of 51.0 gr to a max load of 57.0(compressed) for a 150 grain jacketed bullet. And my Lee manual shows a start load for a 150gr jacketed bullet to be 50.1 with a max of 50.1 gr. Granted these books have been around for a while(the Lee is the most current), however I went to Winchester/Hodgdon load data page and the only data for W760 powder was with a 155gr Sierra HPBT and the starting load was 48.0gr with a max load of 51.0gr. I know that I need to start loading at the minimum charge weights but this is all over the map. AND which brass is considered military in the .308 caliber? I tried to look this up and could not find much in the way of identifying which brass were military and which were not. Any help by the vets? Many thanks and Happy Fathers Day to all dads.

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