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The lowly 30-06 which is less powerful than the 300 win mag is not only capable of taking any game on the planet it has done it many times over.
Yes, try taking a .30/06 after dangerous game in Africa. Better yet, go to the Accurate forum and start a thread about using the `06 for the Big 6.

TKO only works for solids and has mighty little to do with a broadside chest shot on light skinned deer.

As for extending the range of any firearm, that is totally dependent upon the capabilities of the person pullin' the trigger.
I've been saying that all along and you have argued with me all along.

John Linebaugh touts his custom .45s that push a 260 Jacketed @ 1700 FPS.
Yes and go back and read what he says about a 260gr at 900fps.

No, that's 300fps behind the .454.

But his calculations also put the .500 S&W as a more potent cartridge than the 30.06.
Once again, it is inevitable, some internet expert is going to use TKO in a way NOT INTENDED. I don't know how many times one has to say it. I guess some folks believe so strongly in some things that they will never be swayed.
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