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Originally posted by newfrontier45:

Unless of course you think you're smarter than John Linebaugh
John Linebaugh touts his custom .45s that push a 260 Jacketed @ 1700 FPS. This is not your Grandpa's .45 Colt. This is basically a .454 or .460 type load, producing their velocities and their energies. This goes back to the same thought process that Ruger45LC posted. Take a Porsche engine and put it in a VW beetle and you no longer have a VW Beetle. When you start beating Corvairs at the drag strip, you legitimately can't claim to have beat them with your "VW Beetle".

TKO is just another man's ballistics table designed to give the type of results he wanted. It worked for him and it works for others. But his calculations also put the .500 S&W as a more potent cartridge than the 30.06. Very few of us would attempt a shot @ 300 yards on a Elk with a .500 S&W, but would do it in a heartbeat with a ought-six. Apples to oranges. Any firearm regardless of caliber or who endorses it, is still limited to and it's effectiveness relative to the skill of the hunter behind it. The firearm is only a tool. Some folks can build a grandfather clock outta a handsaw and a hammer, while some folks have a hard time with a whole shop full of the latest fancy tools. Who is the better craftsman?

Part of being secure with your own choices and opinions is having to have the capability to respect other folk's choices. Having to think you need to always "win" or get the last "word" in an internet discussion is not a sign of that. Dishin' other folk's opinions and choices, using derogatory names and innuendos does little to impress folks with your knowledge......and that does not take the " intellect of a gnat".
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