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Originally posted by Ruger45LC:

I had a SRH 454 that was very nice, and really wasn't that bad to shoot, but it's not going to kill anything any deader than my Ruger Bisley .45 Colt loaded warm.

The extra range the 454 gives isn't a bad thing in itself, but it's not really useful either considering it's a handgun and isn't likely to be used for long range shots anyways.
But what is a .454 or a .460 but a .45 Colt loaded warm? As for extending the range of any firearm, that is totally dependent upon the capabilities of the person pullin' the trigger. Back when my handguns were secondary or backup to my long-guns when deer hunting, I was perfectly content to carry a revolver that's effective range was 75 yards or less without having to aim it like a mortar. Once I retired my long guns for hunting deer, I desired something that was accurate and effective to the ranges I generally encounter in my area......out to 150 yards. Very few folks recommend using a .44 mag or a .45 Colt with standard loads for those types of scenarios. As I said in an earlier post, I have killed deer with .357, .44 mag and the .460. All were quite capable of the task, and all did the job well within their limitations as long as I did my part.
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