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Beware of Shilen

Just wanted to let any potential shooters in the market for a barrel to STAY AWAY from Shilen. I recently had a horrible experience with them and will never purchase anything from them again. Their customer service on this incident was non existent. Did (almost) nothing to help me resolve my problem with a barrel I have only had for a few months and less than 400 rounds down the tube. Anyone interested can read the issue here

I was given the run around on the time it took to actually get the barrel inspected after being told it would be rushed to the front and inspected immediately. I guess my idea of that was a lot shorter than the 5 weeks it took them to do so. Received an email from my gunsmith late in the evening this week showing me a couple photos of what Shilen had emailed him. It was the same photo type that I posted on here to get some ideas of what caused this. SO didn't get any more input that we already knew. That is the reason we sent it to them in the first place.

Was told to call the owner of Shilen to discuss what to do next. So next day I call and ask to talk to him. I never got to speak to him, the person who answered the phone was telling him the questions I was asking and he was telling her what to say back. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE right there.

I was told it had a patch shot through the barrel. I proceeded to explain there was no way I left a patch in the barrel, was there anything else that might have caused this. It was silent for several seconds like she was pretending to think about it. Then she told me "well they pretty much knew what caused this without looking" I explained again that this was not the issue. Basically(didn't actually get told this) I got a response of oh well nothing we will do for you.

They would cut it down past the spot for me and make it a "sawed off" barrel for me. And was asked if that would work for me. I explained this was an FTR rifle and was going to be shot for 1000 yd and 600 yard competition. She laughed and said that will be a little short for that.

I was told the would cut and recrown it for no charge. Was about to hang up and then she asked if I had a credit card on file that they would need that for the shipping back to me. WHAAT?!!!

I have gotten a few PM's stating they had horrible experience and customer service from Shilen too in the past. So it is not just me.

There are several companies that have gone beyond customer service for me and others out there and apparently Shilen is not one of them. I guess their product is so good that they didn't feel the need to help me out in this situation. Didn't even offer a small discount to get a new barrel from them or anything like that.
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