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handguns for war

As a Sheriff Deputy I would have to say my Glock 21. Hard to beat: double stack magazine, I carry 12 rounds not 13 with two spare magazines. However, I had a Ruger P90 which was stolen and I loved the gun. I could drive nails with it. Now my favorite handgun was one I had years ago an old SW Outdoorsman 38/44 in 38 caliber which I had rechambered for 357 mag. I am not sure my choice for a war handgun would not be a good revolver. If they are close enough for a handgun you are in deep trouble. Once when we were doing defences against knife attack in Judo an old friend who retired from army special forces with a lot of combat asked me why I was practicing knife defences: "First you call in airstrikes at 20 miles, then closer in you unleash 155mm arty on him. If he survives then mortar him. Closer yet you get him with the claymore mines you set. Surviving that 50 cal ma deuces are the thing. After that? well you still have your rifle." Well after that a good hand gun but I'm not sure I would stick around for the bayonet charge.
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