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You all have brought up good points on both sides of the argument . My understanding as to why you want a dry chamber was so the case locks up fast and tight and does not slide back and put extra pressure and stress on the bolt and action . You want the least amount of movement of the cartridge in the chamber for many reasons . . Accuracy , and less stress on the bolt to name a few . I do not know this to be true but I would think you would have head spacing issue sooner with a rifle that had a oiled chamber then a rifle that always had a dry chamber . Do to the fact that the brass in the dry chamber is expanding and locking in tight and would not be putting the extra stress on the bolt .

Not sure if it's the same but in my head it seems to be . You get better accuracy from using fire formed brass to your chamber . I believe it's cus it will lock up faster and tighter then a full sized case . Same principle yes ? The least amount of movement in the chamber the better ?

I would also add the fact of the possibility to much lube in the chamber could cause problems like to much lube when sizing . only difference is in one of the ways the cartridge is under about 60,000psi of pressure . Sure would suck for your case to pot a stitch then

Could you reference who in this thread advised "....'squirt' oil all up in the chamber." ?
But when shooting Wolf steel cased ammo, I not only spray (small pump sprayer, not aerosol) a little Hoppes in the chamber

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