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On a more serious note, what's under discussion here -- the ability of a round to penetrate sheet metal, windshield glass, etc. -- might be pretty important if police wanted to shoot the driver, given that the driver is invariably inside the car
I was replying to the posts regards hitting the engine block to stop a car not the ability to shoot trough car doors etc. Like the one bellow for example. And as we are discussing the ability of stooping a car I assume that they used that really loud whoop-whoop thing and it didn't work. If that doesn't work here they would ram the car if possible with one of the vehicle in the photo it usually stops them.
I'm sure that, at one time, under certain conditions the .357 Mag would crack an engine block. OF course, there us just a wee bit of difference between what was on the road in the late 1930s and what is on the road today
PS I am sure the ability to shoot trough car doors are taken into consideration when deciding on a calibre but it certainly would not be top of the list of requirements.
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