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George - you're my hero! I'm very disappointed that I did not make the shoot. I had to help deliver 200+ trees Sat. am for Scouts/Arbor Day, then spent the afternoon with some great young (and some old) people at the State YHEC meet at the Lee Kay Center. (I'm also a Hunter Ed. instructor). I've just GOT to get with some of you folks for a shoot some time. I doubt I'll be able to shoot as well as many of you, but it sure sounds like a good time.

By the way, the next time I'll be out shooting will be the weekend of May 18-20. I'll be out with my Scout troop on Stansbury Island, SE corner. We'll be the ones shooting shotguns, .22's and muzzleloaders (and probably air-rifles, too). I should have about 30 boys and 15 adults or so, so it will be very safe. Just wanted to give you a heads up about avoiding us if you shoot out there.

Be safe.

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